Digital Citizenship

Back in the days when technology lived in a computer lab, students were often advised on the narrow topics of cybersafety/internet safety as well as cyberbullying.

While still vital concepts, changes in technology use have given rise to a broader range of important concepts such as digital reputation, etiquette, copyright, health and wellness, and more.

These concepts are generally now defined as coming under the umbrella of digital citizenship.

To find out more about the best approach to teaching digital citizenship, check out my post from November, 2017

Teaching Digital Citizenship: 10 Internet Safety Tips for Students

I have also written a post about communicating with parents on the topics of technology use, digital citizenship and internet safety.

Working With Families: 10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Both posts contain posters which you are free to display, print or share.

10 Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety tips for Parents Kathleen Morris | Primary Tech | Cyber safety online    Poster for classrooms- 10 Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety tips for students by Kathleen Morris


Older Posts

Below are some older posts that I have written about internet safety and digital citizenship. I am working through updating them in 2017 🙂

Teaching Children about Digital Footprints

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