• Digital Citizenship
  • Internet Safety Posters for Teachers, Students, and Parents

    This post was updated in 2018. The terms internet safety and cyber safety generally now fall under the umbrella term of digital citizenship. This includes things like digital reputation, etiquette, copyright, health and wellness, and more. Digital Citizenship And Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Students To find out more about the best approach to teaching digital […]

  • Collaboration
  • Team Teaching

    This post isn’t about technology but it is about something I am asked about often  — team teaching. This is the second year that Kelly Jordan and I have team taught and we find it to be hugely successful and rewarding. In this post I will explain how it works for us. Physical Environment We […]

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Are you on LinkedIN?

    Recently I read on the oz-teachers mailing list a warning for teachers about using social networking sites unprofessionally. This UK article, suggests that teachers should be cautious of what they post online and check what information is available about them. Teachers are warned that schools are scouring social networking sites and googling potential candidates for […]