Sentence Activities for Lower Primary

This week, I have been reinforcing to my Grade Two students the importance of correctly using full stops and capital letters to form sentences. I have found that primary students of all age groups tend to need constant reinforcement of these concepts.

My students defined a sentence as a piece of writing that makes sense by itself, starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark.”

I used some great online resources to teach students about sentences, full stops and capital letters.

BBC Skillswise Making Sentences

This site by the BBC has some great factsheets, quizzes, games and worksheets about sentences. My students particularly enjoyed the games which involve deciding whether sentences make sense and adding punctuation to text. This site also has links to activities about putting sentences together and using commas.

bbc sentences

Capital Letters and Full Stops

This site from the Welsh National Grid for Learning includes explanations, games, worksheets and activities about using capital letters and full stops. The resources revolve around a theme of “Dewi the Dragon”. My students enjoyed punctuating the sentences in the story about Dewi with capital letters and full stops.

Capital letters and full stops

Have you tried any of these resources or do you know of any other resources for teaching about sentences?