Going 1:1 – Any Advice?

While the school year is quickly coming to an end, I’m looking forward to teaching grade four again in 2013. Next year my school is introducing a 1:1 netbook program for grade four students.

Early this term we held a parent information night and we are now delighted to have around 90% of families signed up for the 1:1 program.

Parents are purchasing an Acer Travelmate B113 which the students will use throughout grades four, five and six. 

Some people have asked why we’re not doing iPads/Macs/BYOD/BYOB/a different computer. A range of factors and research was considered when our school decided on the Acer Travelmate but this is not what this post is about.

We are now planning our 2013 curriculum and while we already have many ideas, I’m calling on my PLN for some different viewpoints.

Do you have any curriculum documents, links, advice or resources about successful 1:1 programs? I’d love you to comment!

We already have all the logistics of the program finely tuned but I’d love to hear any pedagogical ideas or advice.

Please comment!

On another note, thank you to all my readers who voted for this blog and my class blog in the recent Edublog Awards. We were thrilled with the outcome!