Memorable Student Blogging Moment

Bianca is a grade three student who I introduced to blogging last year. She is definitely a success story, having produced weekly posts on BB’s Awesome Blog for a year and a half now. That’s 86 posts! Her success is partially due to the fabulous support of her family.


Bianca has a solid following from teachers and students around the world and she replies to each and every comment.

She is confident at sourcing and attributing creative commons images for her blog posts, and her literacy skills have progressed rapidly since she began blogging.

Bianca comes up with many quirky and interesting topic ideas and she is a very reflective young girl.

This week, Bianca experienced a highlight in her blogging career. She wrote a post called Can’t Put Down Books. Not only did this post receive 52 comments but there was one extraordinary comment.

In her post, Bianca described her favourite book, Alice-Miranda by Jacqueline Harvey. What a surprise for Bianca when she received a comment from author, Jacqueline Harvey!

Comment BB

In Bianca’s reply to Jacqueline, she said

I was squealing with joy that you wrote on my blog I had to call my mum in and tell her.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for creating an experience that this nine year old girl will probably remember for the rest of her life.

This is another example of the power of blogging; I can’t imagine a classroom without it!

What are your blogging “memorable moments”?