New Blog Addresses

This week there was a change of domain name for Global Teacher and Global Student blogs. Victorian teachers and students now have one Edublogs campus site called Global2 to take us into 2011 and beyond.


If you work in a Victorian government school and you want to start a blog, visit

If you had a Global Teacher blog, you will notice the domain name has changed from to

Visitors to your blog will be redirected for the coming months, however you should advise your readers to update their links.

If you have a Global Student blog and you wish to continue it, you need to follow these instructions to export your blog and import it into a new blog on the Global2 site.


I have a new address for this blog, Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom.

Please update your links to


I also have a new class blog for 2011.

It is a joint blog with my team teaching partner, Kelly Jordan, and her class, 2KJ. We will be launching our blog to a group of 42 enthusiastic grade two students tomorrow, 4th February!

The address is

If you previously followed the 2KM blog, please update your links.

Happy blogging!

Weekly Email Newsletter for Teachers



I am currently collaborating with a fellow teacher, Simon Collier on a new free weekly e-mail that we will distribute throughout the year. Each week the email will feature a useful online tool or website for teachers to use in their classroom. The purpose of this email is to publicise and promote the use of ICT tools and web links to teachers who are not regularly sourcing the available information on the net.  This in turn, hopefully increasing the use of the wonderful education tools available online. The email will be suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and we will provide practical examples of how the tool or website could be integrated into the classroom curriculum.


We are looking for interest in providing you with the opportunity to receive this free e-mail update each week. Please  follow the link below to the sign up form if you would like to be included on our distribution list and feel free to pass this information on to friends and colleagues.

I will also post information from our email on this blog. So if you already subscribe to this blog you might not want to sign up for the email!


Click on the link to sign up online:

Christmas Sites for Primary Classrooms

As we’re now getting into “Christmas mode” at school, here are some sites that might be useful in the primary classroom.

Primary Games has a wide range of flash style Christmas games for kids. Great to use on an IWB or classroom computer.

primary games christmas

North Pole is a great site for kids and teachers. There are stories, games and all sorts of interactive activities. Children can even write a letter to Santa and he will reply.

north pole

Kelly Tenkely has written a post on interactive Advent calendars which would be great to use with children on an IWB on the countdown to Christmas.


Fanpop has a collection of links to 100 classic Christmas videos. Great to watch on an IWB at the end of the school year (be warned, I have found a couple that have been dubbed in foreign languages!).


Origami Club has some step-by-step animations and printable instructions for Christmas origami such as santas, reindeer, stars etc.

origami christmas

Leave a comment if you have any other good Christmas links.