The Edublog Awards – Vote for us!

The Edublog Awards have been running since 2004 and showcase some of the most popular blogs in education around the world.

The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational values of blogging. This is something I really believe in!


There were many cheers of delight in 2KM and 2KJ today when we found out that we were nominated for Edublog Awards.

Voting is now open for the 2011 awards and we need your support.

Voting closes on Wednesday 14th December and the Awards Ceremony will be held at 11am on Thursday 15th December (Melbourne time).

Voting is now open for the worldwide 2011 Edublog Awards. Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan, 2KM and 2KJ need your support to help Leopold shine!
Voting closes on Wednesday 14th December and the Awards Ceremony will be held at 11am on Thursday 15th December.
To vote, go to and look for the drop down menu on the left hand side of the page

To vote, go to

You will simply need to use the drop down menu to pick your category and your choice. Then press vote.

It is important to know that you can only vote once per day per category from any location/IP address.

    How you can vote for me and my students:

    Tip: If you click on the category, you will go straight to the voting page!

    Best individual blog

    Kathleen Morris – Integrating Technology

    Best individual tweeter


    Best group blog

    Our World, Our Stories

    Best class blog

    2KM and 2KJ @ Leopold PS

    Best student blog

    Ava OR BB OR Haille OR Jarrod OR Jordi OR Millie

    Best ed tech blog

    Teaching Generation Now

    Most influential post

    Kathleen Morris

    Best teacher blog

    Kathleen Morris – Integrating Technology

    Lifetime Achievement

    Kathleen Morris

    I am flattered to be nominated in so many categories. Thank you!

    Have you been nominated in the Edublog Awards?

    Edublog Awards – Voting is Open!


    I was flattered to discover that my blogs have been nominated for the 2010 Edublogs Awards.

    Voting is now open and ends on Tuesday December 14th.

    Please lodge your votes!

    Only one vote per IP address is allowed to keep things honest. You can lodge a vote in all categories.


    This blog, Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom has been nominated in two categories.

    Best Teacher Blog


    Best Individual Blog


    My class blog, 2KM @ Leopold Primary School has been nominated for Best Class Blog.


    I’m very proud that two of my grade two students, Rhiannon and Bianca, have been nominated in the Best Student Blog category. Click here to vote for one of the girls.


    Have your say and vote today!

    2010 Edublog Awards: Nominations


    The 2010 Edublog Awards are open for nomination. These awards, now in their seventh year, celebrate…

    …the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology.

    Here are the awards I would like to nominate for 2010:

    Best individual blog: What Ed Said by Edna Sackson
    Best individual tweeter: Linda Yollis
    Best group blog: The Reading Roundup
    Best new blog:
    Teaching Literacy in the Primary Classroom by Kelly Jordan
    Best class blog: 2KJ Blog
    *Best student blog: Rhiannon’s Blog
    Best resource sharing blog: iLearn Technology by Kelly Tenkely
    Most influential blog post: 10 Things you can’t just do on Monday in Period 6 by Edna Sackson
    Best teacher blog:
    Teaching Literacy in the Primary Classroom by Kelly Jordan
    Best librarian / library blog: SLAV Bright Ideas
    Best educational tech support blog: The Edublogger by Sue Waters
    Best educational use of audio:
    Ed Tech Crew
    Best educational wiki: Web 2.0 – Cool Tools for School
    Best educational podcast: Ed Tech Crew
    Best educational webinar series: Tech Talk Tuesdays organised by Anne Mirtschin
    Lifetime achievement: Sue Waters

    * I couldn’t decide on the student blog so my class had a silent vote!

    How to Nominate:

    You can nominate your own favorites. Simply follow these directions:

    Step 1: Write a post with your award nominates on your blog.

    • Link to The Edublog Awards Homepage
    • Make sure the blogs you are nominating are linked too.
    • You can nominate for as many categories as you like, but only one nomination per category, and not yourself  :)
    • You can nominate a blog for more than one category.

    Step 2: Email the Edublog Awards the link to your nomination post

    Nominations: Close Friday 3 December
    Voting: Ends Tuesday 14 December
    Award Ceremony: Wednesday 15 December

    Nominate today and have your say!