Track your comments with coComment

As a reader of many blogs, I like to be able to track my comments and find out when others have added to a comment conversation. A year or two ago, the Edublogs guru, Sue Waters, introduced me to coComment and I haven’t look back!

coComment is a service for managing, powering and researching conversations online. When using coComment, you can keep track of your comments across any site, share them with friends, and get notified when you get a response.”

While coComment has functions to search for comment topics across thousands of sites and has tools to build networks, the most valuable tool for me has been the simple tracking tool.

CoComment summarizes all of your comments, and the responses, in a single location and notifies you of any updates to any of them.”

To get started with tracking your comments on coComment, simply visit the coComment website and create a free account, then install the extension. Every blog or site you comment on will then use coComment to capture your comments. coComment will automatically start tracking the conversation.


You will be able to see a summary of the sites you’ve commented on when you login to the coComment website or open the coComment sidebar (Shift, control, Q).


I like to use coComment to keep track of the class, student and education blogs I follow and comment on.

To find out more about installing and using coComment, visit Sue Water’s blog post.

Do you use a comment tracking tool?

Could you see this tool being useful to you?