2013 is the sixth year that I have used educational blogging in my classroom.

My 2012/2013 class blog is

Educational blogging is something that I am very passionate about. The amount of learning that can happen through a class blog is priceless.

Blogging is a fantastic way to strengthen the connections between home, school and the world. Read more about the benefits of classroom blogging here and watch a video my class made about it here.

Silvia Tolisano posted this excellent poster on her Langwitches Blog which sums up the 21st century skills that can be addressed through blogging.

Poster blogging skills



Getting Started with Blogging

Click here to find the post I wrote in August 2012 about starting a class blog. 

If you’re in a DEECD or CEO school in Victoria, you may also find Getting Started With Global2 to be a helpful guide.

This post offers you 10 tips on how to introduce blogging into your classroom.

Wondering how to involve parents? Check out A Guide to Involving Parents in Your Class Blog This post includes the permission notes and guides I send home to parents.

Parents and Blogging

A Guide to Involving Parents in Your Class Blog

Parents Shining in the Blogging Community

Family Blogging Afternoon

Blogging and the Curriculum

Blogging and the Literacy Curriculum

There’s Blogging and There’s Blogging…

Integrating Blogging into the Curriculum

Posts about Student Blogs

Student Blogs: Digital Portfolios

Quality Student Blogs Part One – Posts

Quality Student Blogs Part Two – Post Topics

Tips and Topics for Student Bloggers

Setting Up Student Blogs

Memorable Student Blogging Moment

Blogging: Assessment and Data

Developing Blogging Skills: Simple Rubric

Literacy Skills: How Far They’ve Come!

Collaboration through Blogging

Connecting with Other Classes Through Blogging

QuadBlogging Video


Blogging: Collaboration Corner

Privacy, Safety and Blogging Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines for My Class Blog

Why I Think Blogs Should be Open

Obstacles to Blogging and Using ICT

Overcoming Obstacles

Follow Up: Overcoming Obstacles

Blogging Tips

10 Tips for Introducing Blogging into Your Classroom

15 Blogging Tips for Students and Teachers


Quality Blogging and Commenting Meme

Attracting Blog Comments

Editing Students Blog Comments

Blogging: Teaching Commenting Skills

Teaching Quality Commenting (guest post for Teacher Blogging Challenge)

Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Educational Blogging

Using Images in Blog Posts

Photo Slideshows in Blog Posts

Instructions for Using Creative Commons Images in Blog Posts


There’s Blogging and There’s Blogging

Making Education Blogging Work for You (guest post for Free Technology for Teachers)

Student Centred Blogging

Grade Two Students Blogging with Purpose in the Local Community

Blogging with Very Young Students

Blogging and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

PD – Blogging Isn’t Just for Big Kids

My Blogging Journey

Blogging and the Ultranet

Integrating Blogging into the Curriculum

Blogging Podcasts and Presentations

I have presented about blogging at many conferences and events. Below are links to just a few.

I presented at ISTE12 in San Diego with Linda Yollis in June, 2012. Read more about our session on “Flattening the Classroom Walls with Educational Blogging” here on The Edublogger blog.

I presented on Tech Talk Tuesdays webinar on “Flattening the Classroom Walls with Educational Blogging” with Linda Yollis in August 2012. Find the recording here.

I presented about collaborating with global blogging buddies at the RSCON3 online conference in July 2011. Click here to find the recording on Elluminate.

Kelly Jordan and I presented about blogging at the DEECD Innovations Showcase in May 2011. Click here to listen to the recording.

Linda Yollis and I were interviewed on The Virtual Staffroom in January 2011 about all things blogging and collaboration. Find it here or search for The Virtual Staffroom in iTunes.

I presented about blogging in Elluminate on Tech Talk Tuesdays in November 2010. Find the link to the recording of the session here.

I was interviewed on the Ed Tech Crew Podcast in August 2010 about how I use technology (including blogs) in my classroom and how I promote technology to other teachers. You can listen to it here or search for Ed Tech Crew in iTunes.


For more information about blogging with your class visit  Linda Yollis’ excellent wiki about educational blogging or Sue Waters’ Edublogger blog. Both these sites have been a wealth of information for me.

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  5. Hi Kathleen,
    I’m starting a class blog with my year 2 class this year. This is my first to have a class blog. Your website is just wonderful. It’s full of information for people like me who are starting a class blog for the first time.
    I was just wandering if I could use/borrow your blogging information note to give to the parents in my class?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us!

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  10. Hi Kathleen,
    I was wondering what is the easiest way to add videos to blogs. Are there any programs you would recommend? We have tried Vimeo and uploading to YouTube but we would like something more simple that the students could use easily themselves. We would like the videos to be viewable on pcs as well as iPads.
    By the way, you have provided inspiration to many teachers at our school. We have introduced blogging this year and the information you supply on your blog has been a great support for staff.
    Thank you on behalf of all at St Peters Hoppers Crossing.
    Sally Morrison

    • Hi Sally,

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

      Unfortunately I don’t have a great answer for your video question. I have found the best program to be SchoolTube which I have written a review of here Children can upload their own videos, however, mine don’t. I use Vimeo and YouTube from time to time too. SchoolTube, Vimeo and YouTube should all be viewable on iDevices.

      Are you on Twitter? If not, that is an amazing place to ask the education community questions. Someone might have a better answer than me?


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  13. Hi Mrs Morris,

    My name is Kelly, I am a 1st year Early Childhood and Primary Education student at Australian Catholic University in Brisbane. I am currently doing some research for a tutorial presentation on parent/teacher partnerships. I was looking into blogs as a method of communication and stumbled upon your blog. I love it! My daughter is in year 2 and I would love this to be used in her school – from a parents point of view I think it is awesome, however from a pre-service teachers point of view I think it would be an invaluable aid in maintaining partnerships with parents.

    I was wondering if you would mind if I included a link on my power point presentation to your class blog so that I can show my fellow class mates an example of an awesome blog? I would be shown to approx. 30 fellow students and my lecturer only.

    Would you mind if I did this?

    Thank you kindly,


    • Hi Kelly,

      That’s fine! My blog is open for anyone to look at.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and good luck with your presentation!


  14. Dear Mrs Morris,
    My name is Teresa and I am a 3rd year, per-service teacher at the University of Southern Qld. I am currently enrolled in EDC3100-ICT and pedagogy.
    For this course I am to design a digital artifact discussing the impact of ICTs in the classroom environment. I have chosen to research blogging. I would love to use your class blog as a screen shot in my assignment, as well as discussing how you integrate blogging into your classroom learning. May I have your permission to include your blog in my assignment please?
    Once I have completed my digital artifact I will post the link to the website that I have created so that you can see what I have done. You can also follow my learning journey at
    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and use of blogging with us.
    Kind regards,
    Teresa Morgan.

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  18. Hi Kathleen,
    I’ve been following your blogging journey for awhile now, both on your teacher blog and your Yr 2 and Yr 4 classroom blogs. What you are doing is so inspiring and I have finally taken the leap this year to start a classroom blog with my students. I am essentially piloting the concept for my school and have found all your ideas, documents and posts SO helpful. I know on your classroom blog you say that people are welcome to your parent notes, guidelines etc as long as they attribute – I have done so but just wanted to also say a huge thank you. I have used your exemplary blog to convince my school of how worthwhile blogging is, and to give the parents at school an idea of what a blog can look like and the numerous benefits. I have already received some permission notes back from parents, I’ll be running a short info session to answer questions and my kids are getting really excited. Thank you for inspiring me in this journey!
    Amy Byrne
    Canberra, ACT

    • Hi Amy,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. I’m really happy to hear you’ve started blogging with your students and you’ve found the parent notes etc useful.

      Good luck with your blogging journey. I love your enthusiasm!


  19. Hi Kathleen,
    The information you have about blogging is fantastic. I’ve recently started a class blog with my year 3/4 class. I’m learning as I go along and refer to your webpage when I need a hand. Just wondering if you will have some sort of Professional Development over the holidays or even a chance to chat to see if I’m heading in the right direction?
    Jess Frois
    Melbourne, VIC

    • Hi Jess,

      Thanks so much for your comment and I’m so happy to hear you’ve started blogging. I would love to run a PD or something but I’m heading off for maternity leave soon as I’m expecting a baby in July. Sorry I can’t help this time!

      Good luck!

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  21. heyy!! Kathleen..
    this is an amazing work .The depth of information here is very impressive you outdid yourself..I read each ans every word of your blog..its superinformative.

    Thanks for helping all I can definitely say this information has been very helpful..

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