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  • Learning to Type: Update

    In July 2011, I blogged about the typing lessons and practice that I implemented in my Grade Two classroom. Find that post here. On 21st July, 2011, all of my students participated in a typing test using 10fastfingers. They had to test themselves three times and then I recorded their best words-per-minute score. Each week […]

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  • Learning to Type

    Over the years, the need for my students to be able to type has become increasingly important. Being able to type with reasonable speed and accuracy helps students to better cope with the technological world they live in. Students are increasingly going to be held back in their school work, everyday life and future career […]

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  • Overcoming Obstacles

    A few days ago I was honoured to be invited on the The Virtual Staffroom podcast. Chris Betcher interviewed Linda Yollis and me about our classroom blogging and collaboration. Click here to find the podcast or look up “The Virtual Staffroom” in iTunes. One of the topics that arose on the podcast was around getting […]

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  • Typing Practice

    With the evolution of Web 2.0 technologies, traditional typing practice is something that has been left at the wayside a little. While most people now learn how to type but just “doing it” (typing for authentic purposes), there are some fun games on the net that you may like to use with your students to […]