Creative Commons Infographic

I’ve long been aware that many people don’t realise that you can’t use just any image off the internet for your own purposes. Many of my students join my class

Instructions for Using Creative Commons Images in Blog Posts

Many bloggers are not aware that you can’t just use any images off the internet in your blog posts. Not only is this ethically incorrect but you could leave yourself

Storytelling Tool: Five Card Flickr

Five Card Flickr is a simple yet useful tool that I found out about from a number of people on Twitter. Five Card Flickr deals you random pictures from Flickr


Speechable is a cool website I found out about from David Kapuler’s blog. It is simply an easy way to add a speech bubble to an image. You can upload

Bubbleshare Alternatives

Thanks to Angela Hall who recently alerted me to the fact that Bubbleshare will no longer be available from November 15th. This is disappointing as many teachers use this site

Adding a Bubbleshare Slideshow to your Blog

There are a number of sites where you can embed a slideshow of photos into your blog. One of them is Bubbleshare. I have used a Bubbleshare slideshow on my

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