• General News
  • Doing Things the Long Way

    In many ways, technology can be time saving. Especially if you know the best way to use it! Yesterday I attended and presented at the 2011 VITTA (Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association) Conference. One of the sessions I attended was run by Andrew and Beverly from Mitcham Primary School. They gave a terrific presentation about […]

  • Art
  • Origami Craze!

    The students in my Grade Two class love origami. We have used videos and applications on our iPod Touch as well as a great website called Origami Club to learn how to make all sorts of origami creations. The Howcast website has some great step-by-step origami videos. Origami iPod applications can be found at the […]

  • Literacy
  • Using an iPod Touch

    Note – I updated this post with a more comprehensive guide to using an iPod Touch in the classroom in August, 2011. Click here to find it. For the past twelve months I’ve been using an iPod Touch in my classroom. My students love using this form of technology and I am finding it is […]