Sites for Integration Aides

Monday 9th August is a statewide curriculum day for Ultranet implementation in Victoria.

For readers who are outside of Victoria, Australia, the Ultranet is a  $60.5 million online portal for teachers, students and parents in Victorian government schools. Read my post on my initial thoughts on the Ultranet here.

I am a Lead User at my school, Leopold Primary School and we came online in Cycle One in May.

While I remain somewhat sceptical that the Ultranet will actually work on August 9th, we have come up with a detailed plan for training the staff on this day.

Catering for our integration aides was a consideration in our planning.

While our integration aides will be participating in the basic Ultranet and Web 2.0 workshops, we are also allowing them time to explore useful websites that they could use with their students on classroom computers.

I have prepared the following handout for our integration aides, which may also be useful for primary school teachers.

What do you have planned for August 9th?

Do you have any sites that you think would be particularly useful for integration aides?

StoryIt: Word Games

StoryIt is a website that doesn’t look amazing with its simple layout and advertisements but has some great resources for the junior primary classroom.

While there are stories to read and print, seasonal resources, printable shapes and more – the resources I’ve found most useful are the word games.

There are about fifteen word games available to play online that involve making sentences, making words, spelling, changing words etc.

In the Wiz Game, the goal is to make as many words as you can from the letter tiles. Get the question mark tile to the bottom and a vocabulary question appears. Select the best meaning of the word and earn extra points.


The Odd One Out: Word Family game involves choosing the word that doesn’t belong.


There are games on the StoryIt site that would be suitable for students in at all levels of primary school.

These games could be used as a lesson introduction or closure on the IWB, with a small focus group or individual students could use the games on classroom computers.

Have you used the StoryIt Word Games?

How could you use these games in your classroom?

Kubbu: Make Education Games

I recently came across the site Kubbu. This is a site where teachers can make games and online activities for students. The activities can be made available to individual students or groups of students and the teacher can view and analyse results.

Kubbu is free for teachers although is limited to using with 30 students and 15 activities at a time. If you wish to use Kubbu with a larger group of students or create more than 15 activities you can purchase a year’s membership.

The types of activities you can create on Kubbu include matching, sorting, crosswords and a range of quizzes. Activities are stored for 30 days and you can print paper copies of the online activities.

This is an example of an online synonym matching activity.

synonyms kubbu

It may seem time consuming to create new activities for students but there are also shared activities available that others have made. I couldn’t find many activities that would be useful for my students in the shared section although hopefully these activities will grow as Kubbu becomes more well known by teachers.

Kubbu could be used with students of all age groups and could be a handy tool for practice, revision and assessment both at school or as homework.


Leave a comment if you have tried Kubbu. How did you find it?

Christmas Sites for Primary Classrooms

As we’re now getting into “Christmas mode” at school, here are some sites that might be useful in the primary classroom.

Primary Games has a wide range of flash style Christmas games for kids. Great to use on an IWB or classroom computer.

primary games christmas

North Pole is a great site for kids and teachers. There are stories, games and all sorts of interactive activities. Children can even write a letter to Santa and he will reply.

north pole

Kelly Tenkely has written a post on interactive Advent calendars which would be great to use with children on an IWB on the countdown to Christmas.


Fanpop has a collection of links to 100 classic Christmas videos. Great to watch on an IWB at the end of the school year (be warned, I have found a couple that have been dubbed in foreign languages!).


Origami Club has some step-by-step animations and printable instructions for Christmas origami such as santas, reindeer, stars etc.

origami christmas

Leave a comment if you have any other good Christmas links.

Great resources for your IWB by Triptico

Triptico is a UK site that provides eLearning training and support. They also have a fantastic library of classroom tools that can be used on the IWB. I found out about many of these from Kelly Tenkely’s great blog iLearn. I have blogged about Word Magnets in the past. Here are some other great tools that you can find in their library.


These timers would be great for classroom games, challenging the children to pack up by a certain time, using as a timer for Show and Tell or oral presentations etc.

Picture 5

      Picture 2


This tool allows you to drag words around and link them into categories. You choose two categories each with six words. This tool is great to organise, categorise and contrast information such as living/non-living, mammal/reptile, noun/verb, sometimes food/everyday food….the possibilities are endless.

Picture 4


  • There are spinners that will randomly select from one of four, eight and sixteen options. These spinners would be great for Maths games,  question generators, random name selectors etc. Student names could be added throughout the day for good behaviour and a winner spun at the end of the day.
  • There is also a role selector spinner where you type in names and roles to work out who will take on what responsibility in group work etc.
  • The probability spinner is great for Maths lessons. It can be modified and automatically records results.


Check out the many more simple tools Triptico has to offer by clicking here.

While you could use some similar tools to these on the software that comes with your IWB (eg ActivInspire, Easiteach etc), these are great quick and easy alternatives as they are all ready to go. Keep checking Triptico’s site as they seem to be adding new resources regularly.

Fun Spelling Games is a site with lots of fun and free games. Some of these games are simply “for fun” but there are some educational games which are very worthwhile for use in the classroom. My Grade Two students are enjoying the Spelling Games. There are 18 spelling games where students have to build and find words in a very appealing format.  These would probably be best suited for Grades 2 to 5. The site also has some good puzzle and logic games that could be used in the classroom.

spelling games games