Speechable is a cool website I found out about from David Kapuler’s blog. It is simply an easy way to add a speech bubble to an image. You can upload an image from your computer or a URL and photos can be shared with friends via email or on Facebook®, MySpace®, Orkut, blogs, and message boards.

Here is a pic from the Speechable gallery

Adding speech bubbles to images could be a fun activity for children, a literacy task or even a classroom competition. You can make photos private which means you can still email and embed them but they won’t appear in the site’s gallery. Check it out.

Origami Craze!

The students in my Grade Two class love origami. We have used videos and applications on our iPod Touch as well as a great website called Origami Club to learn how to make all sorts of origami creations. The Howcast website has some great step-by-step origami videos. Origami iPod applications can be found at the iTunes store.

Origami is a excellent way for students to learn about space, shape and problem solving while learning how to follow instructions. The Internet resources available provide a great opportunity for students to learn this craft independently and at their own pace.

Origami Club   DSC04047

Get Arty!

There are a number of free sites on the web for students to create cool artwork. Here are a few…

Sketch & Paint

This is a fun art program which allows you to create and save your own art work. The great thing about it is the program makes your masterpieces look like real artwork! Open and save your artwork in JPG format on your computer. Great for individual use or with an IWB.

Mr Picassohead

This website  allows you to drag and drop ‘Picasso style’ facial feature into a virtual art frame to compose a portrait. For any given part you can increase and decrease it’s size, rotate it, change color, and more. The artwork can be saved to the gallery and emailed to parents or friends. Fun for the IWB!


Create effective looking art working using a paintbrush and splash feature. Chose a frame for you artwork and save it to the gallery or email it to a friend. artPad allows you to replay your painting so you and your audience can watch the work in progress.