Developing Blogging Skills: Simple Rubric

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blogging scope and sequence for a while. However, something about that idea makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the thought of limiting blogging skills to certain age levels.

For example, a number of my grade two students were sourcing and attributing Creative Commons materials for blog posts, and using HTML in comments. These sorts of skills would probably not appear in the grade two section of any blogging scope and sequence.

I find blogging to be a fantastic avenue for students to work at their own pace, while developing their skills as far as their capabilities and interests allow.

A number of teachers who are introducing blogging into their classrooms have asked me what they should teach their students next. I decided a simple rubric might help blogging teachers and students to gain ideas on how skills can be developed. It could also be used to assess student or class blogs, however that is not the intention.

I have borrowed a couple of ideas from Kim Cofino’s Blogging Scope and Sequence (with permission), while incorporating many of the ideas I have developed through blogging with my students.

Educational Blogging Rubric

If you are having trouble viewing/downloading the rubric, you can access the PDF here K Morris Blogging Rubric November 2012

What would you add to the rubric?

How could you use this document?

13 thoughts on “Developing Blogging Skills: Simple Rubric

  1. Dear Mrs Morris,

    This is a great rubric and it’s helpful in many ways! Even though some is taken off the other blog it’s still really amazing! My whole class has read this and most of us are in the beginner/intermediate.

    I really like this and I am going to use it whenever I blog.

    Thank you for a great rubric!


    • Hi Chrissie,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I was very happy to read that your whole class read the rubric. I hope it helps you all!

      Mrs Morris

  2. I think you’re my favorite teacher I’ve been assigned to all semester! Your blog is so entertaining and you always offer such great tools! Many of the things you post I have saved and hope to use in the future; the rubric was so realistic. I’ve seen many lesson plans, rubrics, and other teaching lesson guides that list objectives that would be too complex to teach the grade level listed or are too much for too little time. The way you’ve broken down the objectives to match the student’s skill level is very helpful. I know why you’ve won so many awards last year!! Thank you for all you post!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      That is so kind of you to say. I love your enthusiasm! I hope you can use the rubric in the future.

      Good luck,

  3. Thanks for posting this rubric. Very helpful. I am father of 4 considering starting a blog to discuss after-school educational programs I can’t find for my kids. Your rubric gives me a lot to consider in terms of commitment / consistency / professionalism that a blog requires. Thanks again. TM.

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