Are You On Twitter Yet?

Earlier this year, Kelly Jordan and I gave a few presentations on using Twitter for educators at various events.

If you’re not yet on Twitter, read this post to find out some reasons why you should be.

Confused about the Twitter language? Hopefully this brief explanation will help.

Need more tips? Check out my post of 10 Twitter Tips.

Twitter has certainly had an impact on my grade two students. Discover one example of how Twitter has impacted a student, here.

Finally, click here if you want to learn more about hashtags, which seem to be popping up more and more in a wide range of media.


12 thoughts on “Are You On Twitter Yet?

  1. Hi Kath,

    This is a great post I have passed it on to a few colleagues! Hopefully encourging more teachers to use Twitter!

    Thanks heaps,

  2. @ Mrs Morris,

    I do not have Twitter yet.

    I am a kid that is why I do not have Twitter.

    Check out Jordi’s blog post. It is about Under the sea.I left her a blog comment.

    You’re the best thecher in the woul world Mrs Morris so is Miss Jorden.

    See you Tommerow.

    Your stuerdent,

    • @ Mikayla,

      Thanks for the tip and the compliment.

      You’re right, you should be over 13 to sign up for Twitter so you will have to wait a few years.

      Have a nice day,
      Mrs Morris

      • @ Mrs Morris,

        Thankyou for the great reply back to me.

        I know you have to be 13 years old to sing up for Twitter.

        When are you going to be back at school?

        Miss Rade is teahing us for now.

        Your sturdent,

        • @ Mikayla,

          I am only in the classroom on Thursday this week as I am teaching at Deakin. I hope you’re having fun!

          Mrs Morris

          • @ Mrs Morris,

            Thankyou for the great reply.

            I will miss you wile your gone.

            see you on thursday Mrs Morris.

            Again,great reply back to me.


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