Quietube: Video Without the Distractions

Quietube is a handy tool that allows you to watch videos such a those on YouTube without all the distracting or inappropriate ads and comments etc. Providing YouTube isn’t blocked at your school, this is a great tool for the classroom!

Quietube also works with videos from Vimeo, BBC iPlayer (available in UK only) and Viddler.

Using Quietube is so easy. You simply drag the button from the site to your toolbar, then when you are watching a video on a site like YouTube, you press the Quietube button on your toolbar and the video opens in a distraction free window.

You can also get a short link to your distraction free Quietube video to send to a friend.


Do you know any other tools that make watching videos in the classroom easier?

5 thoughts on “Quietube: Video Without the Distractions

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  2. I use quietube quite a bit with my class. An alternative I also use is safeshare.tv which does the same thing – i.e removes all the junk around the video so that you can watch it without the distractions.

  3. I almost forgot about QuieTube. I found out about ViewPure.com this summer, and think it’s going to work perfectly in the classroom environment. Already made a few customized URLs for when school starts.

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