Blog resource: New fonts for your posts!

I have long been a fan of downloading free fonts to use in Microsoft Office documents and I have often wanted to use more interesting and creative fonts in my blog posts. Most blogging platforms have set fonts however which limits your ability to change the appearance of text and therefore the visual appeal of blog posts.

I recently came across the website Fontself which allows you to create and use various fonts and create your own alphabet for your blog, website, and social networking profiles.

The Fontself Widget Maker is useful for sites like Edublogs as you simply choose a pre-made font, type in your text and grab the HTML embed code.

Here’s an example of how a Fontself font can add life to your blog post…

I have previously blogged about Page Plugins which has an option to use glitter text which is a similar concept.

Adding a new font is a great way to jazz up your blog so enjoy exploring the possibilities of this great tool!

Leave a comment if you know of any other great font tools that can add some personality to blog posts!


  1. Hi Kathleen
    I followed the instructions in this post right up to the point where you said Type in the text and grab the HTML code…
    This is the bit I am having trouble with. Can you suggest the best place to get “how to” instructions for this. I have recently started my own blog on edublog but keep getting stuck when I want to add all the cool things like clocks, lettering, pictures etc.
    Any assistance would be apreciated.

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