Research Skills and Google Posters

Teaching students how to effectively use search engines such as Google to search for content is a valuable skill. This is something I’ve even started introducing to my Grade Two students. Many people don’t realise there are many tricks to performing the most effective Google search. I also like to have discussions with my students about whether content looks reliable and relevant to your enquiry. It is important that from a young age that students realise that you can believe everything you read online!

The Google for Educators site has a page with posters for teachers. These printable PDF posters demonstrate useful search techniques as well as information about Google Earth, Google Book Search, Google Scholar etc.

I’m planning on printing off the poster below and introducing my students to some of the search functions listed. Click here for the PDF: Google Tips and Tricks

Google poster

If you or your students are more into watching how it is done, rather than reading a list of tips, the eHow website has a series of 19 videos explaining how to use the Google search engine. Click here to check out the videos.

Teaching researching skills doesn’t have to be a planned or laborious task, it can be something you can teach and discuss as it comes up. For example when a student has a question, look it up on the IWB as a class and discuss how to use Google effectively. Spontaneous teaching moments can often be the most authentic and valuable.

What is your favourite Google search tip?

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  1. I have this poster in my room and also print it out for students to put on the front of a research notebook when they start research projects. There is also a great Prezi by Tony Vincent called Google Search Tricks that I use with my students (it is one of the templates you can start from).

    1. @ Kelly, thanks for the tip. I will check out the Prezi!

  2. DCharles says: Reply

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it. I can’t wait to print out the Google posters, and use them in my next research lessos. When I have my 3rd graders research online, I usually give them one website to use. With the posters I can teach them how to properly search. Thanks again.

    1. @ DCharles, thanks for visiting my blog and I’m so glad you found the Google posters helpful. I’m looking forward to using them myself with my Grade 2 students! Kathleen

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